Mr. Muhammad Ashraf (Trustee) Visited Baltistan (21st to 27th May 2018)

Central Asia Educational Trust has started courses of Beautician, Vocational and Computer  from 4th April, 2018 at Youth Resource Center Baltistan (Skardu)
April 4, 2018
Washrooms construction work in the schools of Central Asia Educational Trust have been completed. 
July 18, 2018


     VISIT TO BALTISTAN by  MUHAMMAD ASHRAF  21st to 27th May 2018

21st MAY, 2018

  • Umeed Girls School Chunda
  1. Teacher test has conducted for new induction of teachers.
  2. Meeting with SMC: regarding the up-gradation of School.
    • Checked the School records

22nd MAY, 2018

  • Visited Community School Nar, Shigar:
  1. Meeting with School Management Committee regarding up-gradation of School.
  2. Checked the School record.

  • Visited Akbarya Girls School Shigar:
  1. Checked the newly constructed washrooms.
  2. Meeting with School Management Committee for up-gradation of School and further extension of the school building.
  3. Checked the record of the School.  


Visited Youth resource Centre

Checked the ongoing courses of Vocational & Beautician.

23rd MAY, 2018

  • Visited Malika Al Noor School Gulabpur
  1. Checked the newly constructed washrooms.
  2. Meeting with staff and School Management Committee.


  • Visited Community School Hemesil Shigar
  1. Conducted teachers’ test.
  2. Meeting with School Management Committee regarding the up-gradation of School.
  • Checked newly constructed washrooms

  • On the same day visited Community School Ben Basha
  1. Conducted Teachers’ Test.
  2. Meeting with School Management Committee.
  3. Checked the school record.

  • Visited Zil School Shigar
  1. Meeting with Sheikh Anwar (Chairman Community School Zil) for reopening of the school.

 24th MAY, 2018

  • At CAET Office Skardu
  1. Conducted Teachers’ Test
  2. Interview session with sub Engineers.

 25th MAY, 2018

  • At Office
  1. Test session of IT Trainer.
  2. Teacher’s Test for Marzigon School.
  • Checked the School registers and students’ note books.


26th MAY, 2018


  • Visited Tameer Millat Community School Daghoni

      Checked the under construction School building.

  1. Meeting with SMC and School Staff
  • Conducted teachers’ test.
  1. Visited computer room
  2. Checked fee registers & Teachers Time Table.
  3. SMC chairman and members appreciated the timely provision of supplies & furniture.


  • Visited Bismillah Community School Thalay Daltir
  1. Conducted Teachers’ Test at Thallay:
  2. Meeting with SMC Chairman and members for up-gradation of School. On the suggestion of SMC, surveyed land.
  • The SMC also requested for a computer center for jobless young people and vocational center for women.
  1. At another part of the Thallay Valley, most of the female students have to travel on foot for about 4-5 km to reach their middle school (not ours.) It is, therefore, suggested that if we could rent a suitable building and run middle classes for females of that part of the valley, it will go a long way to alleviate the hardships of the students.

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