Mr. Aftab Ahmed Khan Board Member of CAI and CAET Management Distributing Study Material at Middle School Daghoni (2017)
Mr. Aftab Khan Board Member of CAI Visited CAET Supported School in Baltistan
April 13, 2017
Program Manager Baltistan Distributing Scholarship Cheques Among The Students
April 19, 2017

Mr. Aftab Khan Board Member of CAI, Mr. Akhtar Rasul (Chief Finance Officer CAET) ,Mrs. Asia Naz (Program Manager CAET Baltistan), Mr. Muhammad Raza (Assistant Commissioner Daghoni), Mr. Muhammad Ali Alam (Bureau Chief Bad-e-Shimal News paper/ General Secretary Press Club Ghanche) and other dignitaries distributed study material at CAET Middle School Daghoni Ghanche on behalf of Central Asia Educational Trust.